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Pay Your Mortgage Faster

If you have been in your current mortgage for the past several years – you may be able to take advantage of 65- years record low mortgage rates.  By refinancing into a lower rate you could be saving yourself several hundred dollars per month.  Over time, that adds up to a fair amount of money.

If your interest is still in the 5%-6% or even higher range – you are paying additional interest to the bank or mortgage company unnecessarily.  If you are concerned about the cost to refinance, don’t let that stop you from exploring your options.  We are seeing current homeowners, just like you, refinance at very little cost if any.

You can lower your current mortgage payment and use the extra money each month to do the things that you need to do.  Like pay down you car loan or credit cards faster, save more for college, save more for retirement, or have extra cash for your monthly bills. You could even put the extra money into paying down you mortgage faster by making the same payment as your current mortgage after refinancing to a lower rate.  Consider the money you save on your mortgage payment as a raise on your income – that you are in control of.

You can Save 6-7 Years in mortgage payments and thousands of dollars.

Some strategies for paying down your home loan faster:

  • Pay More Each Month
  • 13th Month Payment
  • Refinance into a Shorter Term Mortgage
  • Switch to a Bi-Weekly Payment Plan

Choose Boardwalk Lending for your Mortgage

  • Boardwalk Lending does this every day.  We’ve been serving the St. Louis and Kansas City areas for 10 years. Our Mortgage Specialists average over 8.5 years of experience in matching buyers with the right Mortgages. We’ve successfully helped countless  people purchase their Vacation Homes and will do the same for you. Get qualified now!