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Lower Mortgage Payment

Now is the time to free up some of your hard earned cash each month. Rates have changed and for most people, they are lower now than they were when you got your current mortgage.

How Can I Lower My Monthly Mortgage Loan Payment?

  • If your current mortgage rate is higher than today’s mortgage, you might get the benefit of a lower payment through refinancing at the lower rate.  Contact Boardwalk Lending now  and we’ll help you calculate your potential savings.
  • If you have been in your current mortgage for a longer period of time, you might get the benefit of a lower payment through refinancing into a longer amortization period.  For example, if you have been paying on your mortgage for 15 year on a 30 year loan – you would have 15 years left.  You can refinance your remaining loan amount into a new 30 year loan and lower the payment on you mortgage.  These are great for those that still have a while before retirement.
  • There are other programs available for lowering your overall monthly payments through refinancing.  Give us a call for information on the other solutions available.

Choose Boardwalk Lending for your Mortgage

  • Boardwalk Lending does this every day.  We’ve been serving the St. Louis and Kansas City areas for 10 years. Our Mortgage Specialists average over 8.5 years of experience in matching buyers with the right Mortgages. We’ve successfully helped countless  people purchase their Vacation Homes and will do the same for you. Get qualified now!