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Buying Your First Home

Boardwalk Lending’s Mortgage Specialists have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the Mortgage Process while buying your first home. Our #1 Goal of this process it to get you approved for the right type of Mortgage at the right size for your financial situation.

Why expect anything less?

Boardwalk Lending provides you with a Hassle-Free experience.

  • Let Boardwalk Lending pre-approve your mortgage for free – at the beginning of your House Hunting process – allows you to make more solid offers on a home.
  • We work with your Real Estate Agent or we can refer you to one of our recommended Agents for an integrated home buying process.
  • Obtaining a Mortgage from Boardwalk Lending is more affordable than you think – allowing us to offer you a better rate – allowing you to invest more in the actual purchase of your home.  Some Mortgage Programs have down payments as low as 3.5%.  What’s even better, is that you may be allowed to get assistance on your down payment from a relative.


Choose Boardwalk Lending for your Mortgage

  • Boardwalk Lending does this every day.  We’ve been serving the St. Louis and Kansas City areas for 10 years. Our Morgage Specialists average over 8.5 years of experience in providing Mortgages. We’ve successfully helped countless people purchase their First Home and will do the same for you. Get qualified now!