Buying Your Next Home - Boardwalk Lending

Buying Your Next Home

Getting into your new home will be a breeze with Boardwalk Lending.  Our experienced staff and well designed process keep everything moving like a well oiled machine.

We’ve got Mortgage Lending down to a science

  • It’s quick and easy.  You’ve already got your hands full preparing to move into your new home.  You should be thinking about packing and painting and new shower curtains.  We’ll hep you through the process and make sure that you still have time to get through the other items on your plate.
  • We’ll work with your agent, we’ll get you preapproved, you’ll be better prepared to make a great offer on the house of your dreams.
  • Think of us as more than those mortgage guys.  Think of us as a partner working to improve and preserve your finances. We help you take a look at the whole picture and ensure that your next mortgage (and typically your largest financial commitment) is the right mortgage and program for your situation.  Working to protect you from the beastly burden that some mortgages can become.

Choose Boardwalk Lending for your Mortgage

  • Boardwalk Lending does this every day.  We’ve been serving the St. Louis and Kansas City areas for 10 years. Our Mortgage Specialists average over 8.5 years of experience in matching buyers with the right Mortgages. We’ve successfully helped countless  people purchase their Vacation Homes and will do the same for you. Get qualified now!