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Buying a Vacation Home

Your dream of buying a second home for use as a vacation property is closer than you think and Boardwalk Lending can help. Contact us and start the process, we’ll review you financial situation with you and let you know when and how much you can afford.  We even work to make it more affordable for you by saving you time and money on the mortgage process.

Easy Mortgage for your Dream Vacation Home

  • Boardwalk Lending helps you find the right mortgage when looking to finance your Vacation Home. We have access to a large number of banks and their mortgage lending programs.   Our loans can be structured to make this as affordable as possible. We may even be able to put together a loan for 10% down.
  • Our fast loan approval process will help you get more leverage when it comes to buying your second home. Pre-approval allows selling real estate agents and selling homeowners know that you are qualified and have all the paperwork together that is needed for buying a Vacation Home.

Choose Boardwalk Lending for your Mortgage

  • Boardwalk Lending does this every day.  We’ve been serving the St. Louis and Kansas City areas for 10 years. Our Mortgage Specialists average over 8.5 years of experience in matching buyers with the right Mortgages. We’ve successfully helped countless  people purchase their Vacation Homes and will do the same for you. Get qualified now!